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When a cavity is too large for a restoration, there are signs of extensive bone loss and mobility around a tooth, or there is infection or pain that cannot be treated with root canal therapy, an extraction is the best course of action.

Wisdom teeth also often need extracted if your jaw is not large enough for them to erupt into function or if they are growing in at an awkward angle.

Generally there are 4 options to replace a missing tooth. 


1. Do nothing knowing you may expect some  movement and early breakdown of the surrounding teeth.

2. A removable appliance.  Sometimes called a partial denture, a flipper, or an RDP.  This is a sturdy device that snaps in and out and can restore esthetics and chewing and speaking function.

3.  A bridge.  This involves fitting the teeth on either side of the missing space for crowns and joining them together.

4.  Implants.  A titanium screw in placed in your bone where the tooth used to be and can be fitted with a crown to replace the missing tooth. 

After a detailed and thorough examination, Dr. Alford will review all the pros and cons of each option,  tailored to your personal situation.



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