Root Canals

A Root Canal is essentially a filling that is deep inside your tooth.  When a cavity becomes so large that the infection reaches the nerve of your tooth and becomes infected it is necessary to removed the blood supply and nerve from your tooth and that process is called a Root Canal.  

Root Canals themselves are not painful, you are completely numb and they are just like any other dental procedure.  They get their bad reputation from the toothache pain associated with the infection.  

Dr. Alford practices with a microscope and performs many root canals himself.  He strives to treat his patient like his family so if he deems your case more complex he will work closely with an Endodontist, or root canal specialist to complete your case and get you out of pain. 



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Dr. Jason Alford and Dr. Jacqueline Alford serve patients in Reno, NV and the surrounding areas of Sparks, Spanish Springs, North Valleys, Fallon, Carson City, Fernley, Gardnerville, and Truckee CA. 

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